The Wolverine state, specifically Motor City, Michigan, is known for iconic gas-guzzling muscle cars. But, new financial solar panel incentives are trying to make Michigan a little more green.

From the governor to your local neighbors, many of your fellow Michigan residents are choosing solar energy to provide electricity for their homes and businesses. From Lansing to Ann Arbor, your Michigan neighbors are adding solar energy to their homes and businesses.

When it comes to solar power, many people think of deserts and sunny climates. However, many northern climates are showing they too can benefit from solar energy.

If you live in Michigan and are interested in learning more about renewal energy sources such as solar power, keep reading. We’ll show you how solar energy is heating up in Michigan, literally and figuratively.

Why You Should Choose Solar Panels

When it comes to renewable, sustainable energy, you won’t find a better source than the sun. Short of a supernova, the sun will rise each morning, and bring with it plenty of power to fuel our energy needs.

Historically, Michigan has relied on coal and nuclear energy to fuel its energy needs. Michigan has slowly been replacing the need to burn coal during the long winter months ever since the 1950s when oil and natural gas were discovered.

Now, solar energy is also looking to help move Michigan away from fossil fuels. Despite being a northern state with long, cold winters, Michigan is making a case for homeowners to choose solar power.

As you research solar panels, begin with your goals in mind. Are you interested in saving money on your monthly bills? Or are you interested in fully removing yourself from the grid?

Federal Tax Credits

Thanks to the Solar Investment Tax Credit, up to 26% of the cost of purchasing solar panels can be claimed as a credit on your federal taxes. When the tax credit was originally passed, there was no cap on the credit. So many businesses were incentivized to install large expanses of panels.

That tax credit is running out for homeowners, however. As of right now, the federal tax credit is set to expire in 2021, so unless they extend it, you should act quickly to take advantage of this deal. As the law currently stands, beginning in 2022 commercial businesses will be able to deduct ten percent of their installation, and homeowners will no longer be eligible for the tax credit.

Michigan Solar Panel Incentives

In Michigan, the financial incentive program, Michigan Saves, offers low-interest fixed-rate loans to install solar power at your home or business. You could be eligible for up to a $50,000 loan to be paid back over as much as 15 years. This depends on if you qualify.

It could be nice to spread out the cost over small monthly payments instead of one large sum.

Michigan is helping you to reduce your carbon footprint through solar incentive programs. Thanks to Net Metering incentives, Michigan residents can get credit back on their utility bills when they share their surplus energy with their local utility company.

The Michigan solar program is putting money in your pocket through rebates, saved bills, and selling your excess to your utility company. Helping to fuel your neighbors is another great incentive for going green in Michigan.

Know Your Options

Now that you can see the incentives for switching to solar energy, what are your options? You will need to contact professional contractors to come to assess your land and location to give their advice on where to build.

After installation, local utility inspectors will need to approve you to be hooked up to their grid. This will allow you to turn on your solar panels, but also give you the go-ahead to also connect, and send back any excess energy to your electric company.

Many regional consumer energy rebates offer you incentives to add additional energy efficiencies around your home. While you’re adding solar energy panels, consider also tightening up the windows and doors around your home.

A few upgrades now will save you hundreds every month later on. Your neighbors, from Troy to Ann Arbor and Lansing, are already saving hundreds. Now you can too.

Solar panels can help you save money on your monthly electric bill and make a little extra money all while also doing your part to help save the planet.

From Incentives to Assistance, Solar Panels Are Hot These Days

Here at Absolute Environmental Solutions, we strive to help you make your home as efficient and safe as possible.

Don’t miss out on this amazing option to save hundreds of dollars every month for years to come. Most homeowners see their initial investment back within the first decade. While their solar panels last up to 40 years.

Solar panels are the most affordable they’ve ever been, now is the time to look into adding them to your home too.  And remember, these solar panel incentives aren’t guaranteed to last forever.

Nobody is sure whether or not the Federal tax credit will remain past 2021, so if you’re at all interested, get in touch with us today so we can show you all your options about solar electricity.


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