In this day and time, it seems that the most trivial topics become polarizing and separate the political tribes in a heartbeat. For example, in a Lansing State Journal article from late June 2021, author Carol Thompson wrote an article titled, “Michigan’s ‘ridiculous’ solar panel laws a rare source of bipartisan ire.” The article discusses how Rob Kaercher of Absolute Solar and Steve Potter, a competitor solar installation company with different political leanings, have equal frustrations with the state of Michigan’s renewable energy laws.

“People who are Republicans, people who are Democrats, they can see eye to eye on this very easily,” said Kaercher, CEO of Absolute Solar in Lansing. “We both believe in the same endgoal, which is great. That’s one of those things that gives me a lot of hope. We’re finding somecommon ground here, and that’s huge.”

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