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At Absolute Environmental Solutions, we believe every client deserves the complete picture of the home. That’s why every home inspection comes with FREE infrared thermal imaging!

We put minds at ease when other home inspectors would leave you worrying and wondering. Infrared thermal imaging cameras allow us to show in detail when the parts of your home you can’t see are in great condition, such as insulation. Our infrared thermal cameras detect an object’s heat signature, which tell a valuable story about the home. If the home does have problems related to energy efficiency, electrical dangers, or water damage, our infrared thermal imaging inspection helps determine the cause and solution.

How Thermal Imaging Works

Thermal imaging has found a wide assortment of uses in everything from the military to scientific research to medicine. One area where it’s especially valuable is home inspections. Here, this technological wonder can find thermal loss in a home’s exterior, locate leaking water pipes or roofs, and even discover trouble in electrical wiring.

Camera Design

The basic functioning of the thermal imaging camera resembles a digital camera with a few modifications. First, instead of transparent glass or plastic for the lens, the element germanium is used because glass blocks infrared light that’s key to making a thermal imaging camera work. Next, this focused invisible light strikes an array of heat-sensitive transistors instead of ones receptive to visible light. Finally, like a standard digital camera, the array sends electric impulses to a display screen to create an image for human observers. With this general information about how it works, here are a few things it can work on.

Looking for Trouble at Home

Spotting heat loss due to gaps in a home’s exterior or inadequate insulation is an obvious use for the thermal imaging camera that’s as easy as placing it outdoors in cool weather to scan for hot spots. Alternatively, the infrared camera is used indoors to locate cool spots where heat is escaping. Surprisingly, a leaking pipe can be found before any other visible signs appear since it’ll be either a lot colder or hotter than the surroundings. Thanks to the cooling effect of evaporating water, infrared cameras can also catch roof leaks or even areas of severe condensation before they cause serious decay and mold. Also, when electrical wiring or components are overloaded or frayed, they can start to overheat. Thermal imaging is the perfect tool for discovering these occurrences before they do major damage.

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Thermal Inspections from Absolute Environmental Solutions

Infrared Thermal Image Examples

Below are images of infrared thermal imaging examples from thermal imaging inspections.

Break Box Thermal Imaging Example
Safe and proper electrical service panel confirmed with infrared thermal imaging camera. No overheating circuit breakers or fire hazards. In the infrared thermal image, notice the AFCI breakers, which are the yellow spots that registered slightly hotter than the surrounding breakers.
Thermal Imaging showing Thin or Missing Insulation
Bedroom wall with missing insulation. In the infrared thermal image, notice the top of the wall is missing insulation as evidenced by the cold, purple region registering 58 degrees. This will lower energy efficiency and comfort in this room.
Under Sink Thermal Imaging Example
The bottom of this kitchen sink cabinet has experienced water damage. In the infrared thermal image, notice the cold, purple region in the back of the cabinet registering 54.3 degrees. Moisture meter confirmed moisture levels of 61% in the wood, which is conducive to wood rot. Hot water supply line on the left was the source of the plumbing leak.

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