EV Chargers

More homes, businesses, and municipalities are jumping on the electric vehicle trend and we couldn’t be more excited to help support all of them.

When we say we’re passionate about the environment, we put our actions above words. That’s why Absolute is devoted to clean energy solutions of all types, including electric vehicles and EV Charging solutions.

Learn about our electric vehicle charger install service and what you need to know when purchasing an EV charger.

Our EV Charger Services

Absolute Solar sells the SolarEdge EV Smart Charger. Our master electrician and our installation crew will install this EV charger or any other brand that you wish to purchase or have us acquire.

The SolarEdge Smart EV Charger is a Level 2 charger intended for most electric vehicle charging situations.

Learn about our Solar + EV Charger options.

Why Can’t I DIY My EV Charger Install?

You’ve invested in your Electric Vehicle. You need to protect that investment by finding the correct type of EV charger (Level 2) and having a professional and licensed electrician install it.

Protect your most important investments, your family, and your home.

Contact the clean energy/solar experts at Absolute Solar today!


Solar + EV Charger

One primary consideration you may not have considered is the impact of your EV charger on your electric utility bill. The power/energy comes from your main home source, so using the charger could send your bills soaring!

Consider our Solar Energy Systems with your EV charger. We offer free quotes and a discount on the bundle service.

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